Two Scoops

We have a little saying in our family when someone had a particularly good day or big accomplishment… “Is it a two-scoop kind of day?” 

I’ve often been reminded many times on this parenthood journey that my kids will end up teaching me much more than I will ever teach them. Today, I received a great lesson from my 9-year old daughter and she was treated to two-scoops.

For some background, the P.E. teacher at my daughter’s school gave her some positive feedback regarding her ability to throw and hit the ball. From that moment she decided that she wanted to play softball. She had never expressed interest before that day.

lesson one
The power of positive feedback and encouragement from an adult goes a long way.


I scrambled to get her on a team since registration was already closed. She ended up landing on a team where she didn’t know anyone. In the past, this situation would have given her incredibility anxiety followed by a stream of tears, but she surprised me once again with her confidence and desire to play. She was determined and she was serious… this is could tell.

lesson two
When they demonstrate a passion for something, it’s important to fuel the flames and support them however you can.


After a few practices, she was hooked. Earlier this week, she told her coach she wanted to try pitching. Being the amazing coach he is, he told her she could give it a try at the next game. I immediately tried to get a pitching lesson in so she could feel prepared for the game that upcoming Saturday. When I was unable to find someone to work with her that week, I quickly tried to talk her out of it. I have a need to always feel prepared and I admit I’m somewhat of a perfectionist (not proud of this) but it’s in my makeup and I can’t help myself sometimes. I was afraid that she might fail the first time doing this and that she would have such a negative experience that she wouldn’t want to do it again. However, she had decided she was doing it and it didn’t matter if she had never tried it before or never had a lesson. Nothing was stopping her.

My stomach was filled with butterflies as I watched her walk out to the mound today. She seemed so sure of herself. In a matter of seconds, I quickly realized how wrong I had been. She pitched the last inning of the game and it was magical in the most unexpected ways. She threw a lot of balls but also struck a batter out to end the game. She ran off the field to her coach and a team that hugged her, gave her high 5’s, and lots of praise. She was over the moon.

lesson three
Believing you can do something is everything.


It was a great day to be your mom Avery and I thank you for teaching me lessons I’ll never forget. I can’t wait for more chocolaty two-scoop days with you!


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