Hi there! My name is Karolyn I am the founder of be good, and the founder of these two little faces.

Be good is a love story from the beginning – inspired by those who have loved me and those I hold close to my heart. The idea was inspired by my journey through motherhood and the wonders of childhood.

Be Good For Children

The name was inspired by my late nana who closed every phone call and every goodbye kiss with a "be good" in her beautiful southern drawl. I’ve certainly adopted the phrase with my own kids and smile every time I hear another parents say it.

Creating just about anything – be it with my hands or with my heart is what fills me up. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and dreamed of building something of my own one day. I had the fortunate experience of a career in the beauty industry for a brand I adored. That brand was philosophy, and I love it to this day. It was there where I learned a lot about beauty, products, branding, and marketing. More importantly, I learned a lot about friendship, believing in miracles, believing in others, and believing in myself from a very special mentor who taught me anything is possible.

be good is about nurturing inside and out

Be good brings together my passion for safe, natural products together with my passion for raising good little people and making a difference. As a mom, I found choices for children who had moved past the baby stage few and far between. I loved the idea of making the childhood ritual of bathtime even more special with meaningful products that helped spark conversation and teaching moments. As a working mom, bathtime has always been very special to me. After a long day, it was one of the first things I did with my children upon reuniting with them in the evenings.

For me, be good is more than a product line for children. Be good is about nurturing the human spirit inside and out and inspiring goodness in those every day, simple moments. Yes, the products are wonderful care and condition young, delicate skin and hair. But it’s the virtue-based messaging on the outside that’s intended to inspire good conversations and good actions that will ultimately bring joy to others and make a difference in our days, our homes, and our communities.

It is my hope that be good brings a touch of light to your family’s lives and to your daily personal care routine.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you discover something you love.

Be the good in the world,