5 Easy Ways to Teach Kindness

Ways to teach kindness

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Be. Good.

2 small words with an important message.

It’s what my grandmother would say every time I got off the phone with her and it’s an expression I still hold dear to my heart (and what I tell my kids every day, as well).

We are trying to teach our kids about good choices and about putting kindness and love in this world. Goodness knows, the world needs more good now more than ever! If can champion this kindness movement with fantastic products that are safe for our children and that bring happiness to our homes, I would be one satisfied mama!

When caught up in our day-to-day hustle and bustle, we can sometimes forget to go the extra mile and remind our kids to be kind. But it’s easier than we think!

For starters, one of the best ways to go about this is by being role models ourselves, by displaying gratitude and empathy.

Here are some other easy things our kiddos can do to be kind, gentle people -- and spread more kindness in the world!

(The good news is, kids are hardwired to want to help and be kind; they sometimes just need a little nudging in that direction!)

1- Assign chores
Teach your kids that pitching in to help with chores around the house is a way to be kind -- it will get them into the habit of asking others if they need help, and will ensure they help out with the cleanup of toys when at a friend’s house for a playdate.

2- Make helping out a family affair
If a family friend or neighbor gets sick or is going through a rough patch, we feel the urge to send flowers, food or any other items to comfort or help out. Enlist your kids in this task by delivering the flowers with you, or helping you bake the cake. They will feel great about knowing they had a hand in making someone smile!

3- Be kind to the Earth
Teach your kids to never litter by making a point to pick up any papers or garbage you drop. Most importantly, teach your kids about recycling and get them to help out when it comes to putting in the recycling bin (or even composting bin) vs. the garbage can.

4- Do the little things
Make a point of always saying “thank you” to people helping you out in stores, in restaurants, bagging your groceries, and delivering your mail. (Speaking of groceries, if you notice someone with a much smaller cart in front of yours, let them go ahead of you. It’s a small gesture that goes a long way!)

5- Catch kindness or fun in a jar
Designate a jar or box in your home, which will become the “kindness jar” -- so every time someone in the family does something kind (it can even be as simple as saying thank you), put some money in the jar or food in the box. When it’s Thanksgiving or the holidays, for example, have a family meeting about which charity the money or food will go to.

(You can also make it that every time you do something fun as a family, you give back and add to the jar.)

Let’s all create a butterfly effect of kindness, together!

And be good.


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