character inspiration on every bottle

Most parents I know work really hard to instill character values within their children. My goal as a parent is to help nurture my children’s best version of themselves. It’s not easy. In fact, in today’s modern culture it’s a daily uphill battle.

Practicing kindness and good manners can often feel like a lost art form based on everything we hear and see around us. But I do believe there is more good, than bad and I believe in investing in our children and our families. It is my hope our products inspire just a little more goodness in a world that could use all of the love we can give it.

Each be good product features a sweet woodland creature and a valuable character lesson.


Meet Claire. Claire is good at caring about the needs of others. Today Claire’s neighbor Mrs. Mouse is all alone and needs to be cheered up, so Claire is bringing a fresh baked cheesecake to her door. Sweet!

You can show care and compassion too by volunteering your time at a nursing home and sharing a craft activity with a resident, serving a meal at a homeless shelter, organizing a canned food drive, collecting coats to donate to needy children, participating in a charity walk for a specific cause, or simply showing care and concern to a friend or neighbor.

Can you think of a time when someone showed how much they care for you?
How did that feel?
Do you know someone who could use a little extra love?

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Meet Abby. Abby is the kindest doe in the forest. She smiles at the new fawn, gives compliments to friends, sticks up for those being bullied, forgives when someone hurts her, and practices patience, even when she’s in a hurry.

What can we learn from Abby?
What kind of friend do you want to be?

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Meet Andrew. Andrew the owl knows honesty is the best policy, even when you’re afraid of the consequences. You can practice this virtue by following through on promises, obeying rules, avoiding gossip and being true to you (trusting your feelings). Honesty isn’t always easy, but it is always right.

Do you know how loved you are for being you?

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