about us

inspired by motherhood

With 10+ years experience creatively developing and marketing luxury personal care products for one of the most beloved brands in cosmetics, I was inspired to bring my experience in the industry together with my passion for raising good little people and making a difference.

the brand

Be good is a socially conscious, next generation for this generation, personal care company. Be good is full of charm, free of harmful ingredients, and is suitable for children of all ages. It was created by a mother who recognized the need to create clean, safe, virtue-based products that would help teach children the value of good behavior and good grooming.


the inspiration

When it comes to titles, "mother" is the one I am most proud to call mine. As a mom of two young children, I found the options for high-quality, natural products that were safe and smelled delightful were few and far between, especially once my kids moved past the baby stage. I was on a constant search for products that had meaning, would look beautiful in my home (I do really love you elmo, just not in my bathroom), bring a smile to my children’s faces, and be something the whole family could enjoy.

our products

Be good formulas are naturally derived, formulated in the USA, and are safe for children of all ages. Our formulas were created to deliver the most natural product possible without sacrificing product performance.  Our goal is to create beautiful formulas that are pure and safe, feel amazing on your family’s skin and hair, deliver great results, and provide a delightfully delicate scent that the whole family will adore.

Our formulas are free of: parabens, phthalates, petrochemicals, gluten, synthetic dyes, dea, palm oil, added hormone disrupters, petrolatums, dioxanes from sulfates, phosphates, bpa, animal by-products, and we never test on animals.

our packaging

The packaging was made soft to the touch in a shape easy for parents and children to hold. It was created for mothers who appreciate simplicity, sweetness, and style. Moms who value virtues, character, and good behavior and like the idea of turning everyday moments into teaching moments. Finally, it was created for Moms who believe children’s products need not shout with big, bright, bold color pallets and animated cartoon characters to appeal to children.


the founder

I am a glass half full believer and dreamer. Lover of family, friends, acts of kindness, and all things beautiful especially...white tulips, Arizona sunsets, pre-bedtime snuggles, hugs and kisses, big-band music, lattes, warm croissants, monogramed stationary, white cotton bedding, the smell of orange blossoms, hot bubbly baths, clean kids in clean pajamas, smiles, and practically anything pink or blue.