5 Resolution Ideas For a Good 2017

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I love the feeling of a fresh New Year -- it fills us with hope and gives us the chance to be better versions of ourselves and in turn, motivates us to teach our kiddos to be good too. After all, I love the notion of “do-overs” -- as parents and as children!

Start by thinking about the teachable moments you experienced this past year and how you can grow and learn from them. But be kind to yourself too; let go of the “I should” and fill your year with more “I could”.

Here are 5 resolutions to make this year really good.

1- Be patient
I know, this is likely on your list of resolutions every year. But this is what a “do over” is all about -- another chance to make it right. Try counting to five and breathing in the moment, even when you’re in an epic rush (especially during the morning rush!). Exercising patience with your littles is a great way to teach them patience too.

2- Replace “don’t” with “please…”
Instead of saying “don’t yell” or “don’t make a mess,” try saying “please speak quietly” and “please keep your room nice and tidy.” Swapping out the negative becomes a positive and more impactful way to make these same requests!

3- Be kind
Make it a point to turn kindness into a family ritual, whatever that looks like for you. Whether you create a “giving jar or box” at home that you fill with money or food whenever you enjoy a fun activity together, or make a tradition of helping out with a cause that’s close to your family, kindness is more about the amount of love than the amount of dollars. Make a habit of practicing daily kindness too, whether it’s to a neighbor who needs a pick-me-up (bake a cake and bring it over!) or an elderly stranger who needs help packing up their groceries in the checkout line.

4- Be green
Take small steps to be kind to the earth, by making your kiddos aware of the environment. Get them in the habit of reusing and keeping scraps of paper, and turning the water off while brushing their teeth and even doing the dishes.

5- Be mindful
This one ties into gratitude and patience -- when we live in the present and know how to properly breathe, it also teaches us to be more in the moment (and be grateful as a result), and be more patient.

Here’s to a Happy, Healthy and good 2017! Love to you all, xoxo Karolyn




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