Good games to play with children: "All In”

If you are like me, you’re always looking for a good ideas to kill time that doesn’t involve an electronic device. Our family go-to is “guess what animal I am,” but this is a new favorite and perfect for our celebration of love this month. Play this game while you are waiting with your children at a restaurant, in the car, at the doctor's office, etc. The first person declares a 'category' and follows it by putting out their hand (palm down) and says, "I LOVE ________" (The thing they love in that category). For example, if the category was DOGS, I'd say, "I LOVE hound dogs!" The next person in the circle puts their hand on mine and says "I LOVE Chavachons!" After going around the circle and all the hands are stacked, everyone says, "Yeah dogs!" and pulls their hands back. The next person then calls a category and the game continues. This is a good way to find out family members current favorite things. Play it over and over as those a favorite things change frequently for children. And yes, the same answer can be named by multiple people. Have fun and be good!

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