Be Good: 7 Summertime Acts of Kindness

Summertime is the perfect time to teach small acts of kindness to your kids.

It's actually always the perfect time to inspire your kids to be kind, but that period also known for summer camp, playing outside with other children and transitioning to a new school grade can be a great time to remind your kids that making a difference with kindness is key.

We just love this blog post by “Mum in the Madhouse,” in which she lists over 100 small acts of summertime kindness to practice with your children.

1- Donate clothes to charity. On a rainy day, go through all your old clothing and toys that the kids have outgrown, and donate them to a local charity (leave a happy note in the pocket). Toys and books are perfect items to donate to your local children’s hospital.

2- Bake cookies or cake pops with your kids and then go deliver them to a neighbor.

3- Have a lemonade stand and donate the proceeds to a charity close to your heart.

4- Write thank you cards for your coach, camp counselors or people that have influenced you in a positive way.

5- Invite a new friend for a play date or out to play.

6- Create a “kindness box.” Designate a box in your home and get the kids to decorate it all together. Every time you do a fun summer activity (even simply going to the park), place a non-perishable food in the box. At the end of the month, bring the food to a local shelter or food bank. This will remind your kids to appreciate the fun things you do together as a family, and that not everyone is as fortunate as you are.

7- Turn off the water while brushing your teeth. During the really dry summer months, remind your kids about not wasting water while brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

Again, these are all important to practice all-year round!

Enjoy the rest of summer, and be good!

What is your favorite act of kindness? 




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