Be Caring

Meet Claire. Claire is good at caring about the needs of others. Today Claire’s neighbor Mrs. Mouse is all alone and needs to be cheered up, so Claire is bringing a fresh baked cheesecake to her door. Sweet!

You can show care and compassion too by volunteering your time at a nursing home and sharing a craft activity with a resident, serving a meal at a homeless shelter, organizing a canned food drive, collecting coats to donate to needy children, participating in a charity walk for a specific cause, or simply showing care and concern to a friend or neighbor.


Be Kind

Meet Abby. Abby is the kindest doe in the forest. She smiles at the new fawn, gives compliments to friends, sticks up for those being bullied, forgives when someone hurts her, and practices patience, even when she’s in a hurry.


Be Honest

Meet Andrew. Andrew the owl knows honesty is the best policy, even when you’re afraid of the consequences. You can practice this virtue by following through on promises, obeying rules, avoiding gossip and being true to you (trusting your feelings). Honesty isn’t always easy, but it is always right.