Saint Patrick’s Day Tradition

Our beloved Nanny Clara started this Saint Patrick’s Day tradition with our kids years ago. It’s super easy, and the kids love it! For the teachers tomorrow, I’m going to try making these adorable dipped oreos. I count my lucky stars I get to be the mom of these two precious little people. Lucky me!

happy saint patrick’s day



From Nanny Clara:

Here is a fun activity I have used with numerous families. Children are naturally curious creatures, so it is fun to have them wake up in the morning, arise from their nap or come home from pre/school to find that something is different. You just act like everything is normal and you don't see anything is amiss until the child points out that something is different. The letter from Evan, The Ornery Leprechaun, can then be 'discovered' and the hunt can begin.

Gauge what you change depending on your child's age and interests. For example, overturn one family picture and one chair, while others remain upright, for a preschooler (something that seems very obvious) and make it progressively less obvious toward upper elementary school age children. You can use the whole main living area of your home or each child's bedroom for all 10 items turned upside down; however, Evan is only ornery, not a stinker, so there is only righting each object. No other clean up is involved.

The takeaway: children should find the 10 instances where an object has been flipped upside down. They are observing their surroundings and analyzing what is different than usual. Those are two needed skills to develop and possess as they grow.

To bridge their learning:  Remind children of Evan, the ornery leprechaun, when they have found a reliable pattern and then something is amiss.

Download the Evan The Ornery Leprechaun letter here.



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