Good Finds: 5 kids’ products making us (even more) excited about summer

Everything about summer makes us smile. The fresh air, longer days, that feeling of regular routines being thrown by the wayside because the kids can likely stay up just a bit later. Bike rides. Melting ice cream and popsicles. Watching a neighborhood baseball games.

Put simply: it’s good vibes all around.

To make us even more excited about the start of summer, here are some of our favorite picks -- best enjoyed with smiles.

Have fun and be good!

the balloon bonanza

Take water balloons to the next level. Tying up water balloons not only takes so much time (you won’t be able to keep up with your kids actually playing!), it also leaves you with achy fingers. You’ll be the hit of the block with the Balloon Bonanza, which makes 120 water balloons in one minute! Buy now

west bend professional snowball machine

Remember your Snoopy Sno-Cone machine? That was one of our favorite toys while growing up. Create new refreshing memories with your kids, with this snowball machine. It transforms ice cubes into extra-light, fluffy shavings that absorb syrups and flavorings perfectly. Buy now

melissa & doug bean bag toss

Easy fun with no long setup required. Even more fun as part of an outdoor birthday party activity. Buy now

flip-flop pool float

Inflatable pools float of all kinds have been popping up since last summer, in yummy shapes like donuts and pretzels. We love that this one can be enjoyed by your kids too, with adult supervision of course (this product’s recommendation is for children 6 years and up). Buy now

gardening set

Get your little ones’ green thumbs in action with this gardening tool set made especially for children. It’s a great way to get the kids gardening along with you next time you’re working on your garden. Buy now

Bonus: It’s also a perfect way to teach your kids to be good to nature and care for flowers, grass and the earth.

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