Bonding During Your Kids Bath Time


I’m grateful for bath time. Even when I’ve got a water-soaked floor, I’m grateful for bath time. It was bath time that helped inspire the be good product line. I’ve always loved water and so have my kids since they were babies. When I was working full-time, my kids were very young and by the time I got home, it was time for the bath and bedtime. Bath time became extra special to me because it was our time to reunite in the evenings. I actually hopped in there with my daughter until her little brother came along and there was no more room for me. Cherished memories for certain. When they were little, bath time was more about playtime than anything else.

As my two little ones began to grow older, I found the options for kids personal care was far and few between. And as much as I loved Elmo and Barbie, I really didn’t want him in my bathroom nor did I want the nasty chemicals that often come along with those types of products. I was on a mission to develop products parents and kids would both adore that were safe, smelled delightful, and took great care of their skin and hair.

Today, our kids bath time is about relaxation, teaching the kids about good grooming practices, and simply talking. They still want me there (thank goodness!) and I usually sit at the edge of the tub and just talk to them about their day, who they played with, who they sat with at lunch, legos, star wars, hair styles…. whatever they are willing to share.

I have found that our most successful bath times include engaging, open-ended questions and fun bath toys to play with together. What are some of your favorite ways to engage with your children during their bath time?

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