My Gratitude Challenge: Phrases to Express Gratitude


It’s November and I’ve got gratitude on my mind. I’ve read a lot about the power of gratitude and I’ve heard that research shows regularly practicing gratitude can lead to improved happiness, stronger relationships, and even improved productivity. I am always trying to think of ways to regularly practice gratitude not only for me but for my children as well. Raising grateful kids sometimes feels like a daunting and difficult challenge. In an effort to teach my children about gratitude, I thought I would challenge myself to model the behavior.

Last week, I was in one of my favorite stores, The Paper Source, and these beautiful “I’m so thankful for you cards” caught my eye. They instantly reminded me of my challenge. I decided to buy 3 packs of these adorable cards with the goal of sending a handwritten note to someone I’m thankful for every day leading up to Thanksgiving. That’s right - a handwritten card with a stamp that I will walk down to the mailbox everyday.

One of my most treasured friends from childhood recently wrote me a 3-page letter on white lined paper. When was the last time you received one of those in the mail? For me, at least 15 years…Actually maybe it was high-school? The point is, it’s been a long time and I was reminded that day of the gift and beauty found in the handwriting of someone you love. I think the special friend that took the time to write that letter will be the first note I write!

Not only could this be a fun and exciting activity for you and your family to participate in, it can also help start the discussion with your little ones on how they can express gratitude in their everyday life. Below, I’ve listed out a few phrases that can help get you and your family started!

Anyone want to join me? Feel free to print out these cards below to help your little ones (and you!) get started on expressing your gratitude to all the important people in your life.

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