Grace is Gratitude


Like many of you, I have the good fortune of sitting down to my favorite meal of the year in just a couple of days. My heart filled with gratitude for the love of friends and family, the fact that all of our true needs are met, and then some. I could go on and on but the reality is we have a lot to be thankful for and while I was reminded of that this month, it is a goal of mine to get in the daily habit of gratitude. Especially after my dear friend’s guest post on Practicing an Attitude of Gratitude last week. I’m determined to help nurture the act of counting our blessing with my children in hopes they will grow up with an attitude of gratitude in their hearts.

Grace is Gratitude

A friend gave me a book a few years ago called “The Family Dinner.” It is one of my all-time favorite books that I keep going back to whenever I feel like our family needs to re-set priorities. There is a wonderful section on gratitude blessings, the author says, “Expressing thanks for food is as basic a ritual as exists in the world and the dinner table is a great place to help get our “gratitude muscles” in shape.” How fitting to share these with you today.

Giving thanks with gratitude at meal time can be a great way to welcome a friend or guest into your family circle. When the question pops up, “Who is going to say grace?” invite a guest to lead the food blessing, or ask everyone to finish a phrase of gratitude. Of course, any words of gratitude will enhance the experience for all who are present and words from the heart are perfect too!

Here is one of my favorite blessings from Adrian Butash’s Bless This Food: Ancient & Contemporary Graces from Around the World:

A blessing for a parent to say to a child

May all the gifts hidden inside you find their way into the world.

May all the kindness of your thoughts and expressed in your deeds.

May all your learning lead to wisdom,

May all your efforts lead to success,

May all the love in your heart be returned to you,

May God bless your body with healthy and your soul with joy,

May God watch over you night and day and protect you from harm,

May all your prayers be answered.


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Actually, I wrote this prayer – please correct the attribution it is A Blessing for a Parent to Say to a Child © 2002 by Rabbi Naomi Levy from her book Talking to God. I look forward to your correction thank you and to hearing from you to confirm.

Naomi Levy December 03, 2020

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