Tis’ The Season for Being Good

A few years ago, I started a countdown to Christmas by putting small little gifts inside tiny baskets on a tree that hung on my wall. It took a lot of time, energy, and money to plan and shop for each gift, and often times I found myself disappointed by the kids reaction to the gift if it wasn’t as good as the day before. As much as the kids enjoyed it, I really wanted to do something that reflected the true meaning of the season.

This year, I decided on an idea that didn’t involve gifts for my children but rather gifts for others. I fully believe that to give is to receive and wanted to find a way to nurture this feeling within our family and focus on what it means to give. As a family, we created a random acts of Christmas goodness calendar that you can print off and do with your family too. I customized it based on our family schedule and what would realistically work best for us each day. I know we may have to do some switching around here and there too, but I can tell you I’m WAY more excited about this approach to the countdown vs. where I had been in the past. See, even as an adults we are learning and getting better with each day.

The suggested good deeds range from simple to a little more effort, from no cost to a modest cost. The point is this should not be expensive or overwhelming and should come completely from the heart. Even if you only do a fraction of the ideas, that’s wonderful goodness you are putting out into the world and counts just the same. I would love for you to join us and if you have any ideas of your own to share with our community I’d love to hear those too! We’ll add them to next year’s calendar! Tis’ the season for being good and giving!

Calendar filled with be good activities


Blank calendar for your family to create


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