Giving is Receiving


We're excited to share a blog post from a dear friend and mentor, Cristina Carlino, founder of Archetypes. She is a beautiful example of what it means to live a gracious, giving life. Thank you Cristina to sharing your wisdom with our be good community today.

Giving is Receiving

As we shop, tis’ the season to feel confused again. Is it “more blessed to give than receive?” Unspiritual to admit if you like receiving better? Okay to re-gift? What gives for 2015?

The young Anne Frank wrote in her classic diary in 1942, “no one has ever become poor by giving.” But she wasn’t out running up a Gold Card when she wrote that. Neither was Saint Frances in the 13th century when he prayed knowing, “it is in giving that we receive.”

But they knew what I pray we may all awaken to this season - that giving is receiving.  And to truly receive another’s gift, is to give back.  Giving and receiving are one in the same.  This is, I believe, true generosity. 

Still a bit perplexed? Let’s take it straight to our shopping lists.  What gifts would you like to give and receive? What are the qualities you want to feel not only in those delicious cotton sheets you pick for your parents or the dough that goes into your signature cookies. But first, in the invisible goodies that make you feel who you are. Truly you! With a singing heart. 

Here are a few of my favorite things I love to give, that always come right back to me. Talk about re-gifting!


  • That we are, for whatever and wonderful reasons, a part of each others lives!  What are the odds? 


  • That I am part of it and know it is still everywhere.   Even if it seems to be hiding in the shadows of the planet for the moment.


  • That I can practice it and offer mine – if only just for an hour with another the way God does eternally for me. 


  • That I can make light and make right.  That we may get lost in a laugh. 


  • That I have experience with your struggle and don’t identify you as your struggle.


  • That I see in you your high possibilities and am on your side for getting there.


  • That we are still underneath the sheepskin bigger clothing, little kids who aren’t afraid to play.


  • With ears and heart.  My lips shut.  My mind not scrambling to say the next best thing.    


  • That this is what we came here for.  This is who I am.  That there is plenty for everyone.  And plenty to go around, despite what we have agreed to think.

If we will just receive it! Ready?

Wrap it Up! 


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