Two essential tools for parenting: Hope and Optimism

As a child, I remember being so sad once the holidays were over. I loved the holidays so much, it was disappointing to see all of the excitement come to an end. As an adult, I have a totally different perspective. I still love the holidays, but actually look forward to the fresh start the new year brings. A few weeks ago, I felt all kinds of giddy buying my new 2016 calendar. While I love the convenience and the pop up reminders that our devices bring us, there is simply no substitute for a hard copy calendar in my opinion, and I don’t think I’ll ever go 100% electronic. I love a new calendar and a sharpened pencil, and there’s just about opening a completely blank calendar that fills my heart with hope and optimism for the year ahead. 

So what will you fill your calendar with this year?

This month we’re dedicating our content to the virtue of hope and optimism - how to nurture it within our children and within ourselves. Just writing the word hope and optimism gives my heart a lift. Every year my husband and I declare a theme for the year. Sometimes we see the theme through, other times it fizzles. Sometime we have repeats, the "year of fun" stuck around for two years. This year we are making a conscious effort to get our family outdoors. We live in Arizona which is such a beautiful state with so much to see and explore year-round. 

Here’s to creating good memories in 2016 with a whole lot of hope and optimism!

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