Bath Time Games for Toddlers and Big Kids



“Splish splash, I was taking a bath!” How cute is it when your kids sing a fun song like this in the bath? Sweet little voices projecting silly little lyrics – we just can’t get enough!

Singing a song is one of my favorite play rituals for the bath. There’s also the good old George Washington hair flip and my personal favorite…the sudsy beard.

Bath time games are the best! Depending on the day, a fun game can either soothe little souls into a calm or wind them up and wear them out. Sometimes a game can wind them up period. And that’s when I reach for my Be Good natural cleansing wash for a simple reminder from Peter about being polite.

For your next bath with the kids, try one of these fun bath time games.

  1. Sudsy Spelling Bee

This learning game is best when played with these colorful foam alphabet letters, but you can also trace the words in the suds or on each other’s backs. Ask your little or littles to spell a word associated with bath time. Everyone gets a turn and then you (the judge) say when a letter is missed or guide them along with some hints. For older kids who are learning to spell, you can even incorporate prizes for words spelled correctly.

There are many ways to adapt this game for the various ages of your kids. If the spelling is too much, use the alphabet letters to write messages to each other. After bath time is over, sneak in and spell out a sweet message on the wall of the bath. Then the kids will see it the next time they hop in. Or you can simply trace a word one letter at a time on your kids’ backs and ask them to guess what you’re spelling.

  1. Things That Make Me Smile

For moms who are all about turning everyday moments into teach ones, this is a sweet way to do just that. Start the activity by saying, “Tell me something that made you smile today?” Then everyone shares one thing that made them smile that day. Talk about why it made you smile and the emotions you felt. Then, take it a step further by sharing one way you made someone else smile. Use the Be Good virtues to talk about ways that someone expresses kindness and compassion.  

  1. Bath Time Puppet Show

Use your hands or make cute little sock puppets for a bath time puppet show. Bring to life one of your favorite children’s books or narrate a story from a Be Good bottle. Use the shower curtain as a stage curtain and embrace your inner Elmo voice! Chances are everyone will be giggling by the time the show is over.

  1. The Color Game

Have you seen these colorful bath tablets? Kids love them! You simply drop one of the tablets in the bath and watch the water turn a fun color. There are many different ways you can play the color game. One way is to ask your littles what things they can name that are also the color of the water. Here’s a fun rhyme to get you started.

Pigs are pink

The sky is blue

What else can you name that’s this color too?

Or take a page from Sesame Street and ask your child to name things on you that start with the first letter of the color of the water. Planning on using pink tonight? Sport some pigtails and your kids will wonder what you’re up to. You’re a fun mom!

  1. Wind-Up Toy Races

This is a classic bath time game and a great choice if you’re not feeling especially creative – we get it, mama! Find some cute wind-up toys and do races in a big bath full of bubbles and suds. The wind-up noise and slow flap of a little duck’s arms is a hilarious sight to see. And surprisingly mesmerizing for the littlest ones. This game is fun for older kids to play with younger siblings. Wind ‘em up! Get ready, get set, go!

 Bath time is a special time to connect, laugh and play with your kids. A game gets the fun started, but let the laughs lead you to new conversations and observations. The Be Good bath duo is here to inspire fun and teachable bath time moments.

Clean kids all wrapped up in a clean towel and pitter pattering to go get their jammies on. Oh what a way to end the day.

Have you played or are planning to play one of these bath time games? Tag @begoodforkids on Instagram or Facebook and share your sweet Be Good bath time moments with us.

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