Be Kind: 5 Movies About Kindness


As we get closer to family movie season -- those cooler afternoons and nights where we just feel like snuggling up with our little ones and enjoying some popcorn & treats while watching a movie together -- we thought it would be a great time to feature our favorites. These movies focus on kindness, friendship, and serve as sweet reminders to us all that being kind is key.

And since you’ve likely already watched Frozen at least 10 times, here are some other suggestions to enjoy!

1- Cinderella (2015)


In the live action version based on the Disney classic (and also a Disney feature), “Ella” lives her life according to her mother’s values: always “Have courage and be kind.”

Truly words to live by.



2- Shrek (2001)


This classic features jokes for the adults and the kiddos. The tale of misunderstood ogre Shrek and his loyal donkey friend who will do anything to help, is a must-see. We also love the message of compassion and not judging others by their appearances. It’s always inner beauty that counts most.


3- Mary Poppins (1964) and Nanny McPhee (2005)

Mary Poppins
Nanny McPhee

If you haven’t watched Mary Poppins with your kids yet, they are in for a real treat! One of our ultimate favorites, nanny Mary Poppins teaches the family she works with about kindness, imagination, and some other key life lessons. Nanny McPhee is based on the same premise, only this movie features a bigger crew of kids (seven!),  who try to scare off every nanny their dad hires. But Nanny McPhee is the one who teaches them all about kindness.

4- Enchanted (2007)


This one’s also just as entertaining for moms and dads, as it is for the kids. Based on a compilation of classic fairytales, Princess Giselle literally lives in an animated fairy-tale world, but her evil stepmother banishes her to New York City. There she meets a lawyer and falls in love, and manages to bring magic and kindness into the lives of everyone she encounters.


5- Up (2009)


We just love this story about friendship so much! It’s a wonderful reminder to never give up on your dreams and of the power of kindness, featuring a young boy who helps a grouchy elderly person become kind.

Enjoy, and be good!


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