Be Safe: Important tips to protect your children during outdoor play

Summer is officially here and now that the days are longer, it means more time for the kids to enjoy outdoor playtime.

We covered 5 sun protection tips in Part 1. Now let’s take a quick look at some easy reminders to keep your little ones safe this season.

if playing sports
  1. Always wear protective gear (helmet included, if applicable)
  2. Play on a well-maintained court or field and make sure there’s proper lighting if playing in the evening
  3. Always report any injuries, as soon as possible
if biking or skateboarding
  1. Always wear a helmet and make sure it fits properly – this is a non-negotiable and an absolute must
  2. Always wear protective gear, such as pads
  3. Make sure your kids know the rules of the road (even when you’re accompanying them)
  4. Remind your kids to look out for cars coming out of driveways
if playing at the beach or pool
  1. Make sure an adult is always supervising when your children are near water. Again, a non-negotiable
  2. Swim in lifeguard supervised pools, beaches and areas
  3. If on a boat, always remember a life vest 

Be good, be safe!

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Thanks for sharing this information . they are very helpful to every driver!

Jeremia June 01, 2020

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