Be Safe: 5 ways to protect your children from the sun

With school out for most kiddos and sunshiny season in full swing, it’s important to protect your little ones from the sun’s harmful rays.

And although you likely know these sun protection tips, it’s always good to get a little refresher at the start of the season.

apply sunscreen

This rule applies even on cloudy days (remember: harmful UV rays still poke through clouds!). For best results, apply sunscreen 30 minutes before heading outside. And remember to spread it on ears, noses, the tops of feet, and backs of legs. Keep a bottle in your handbag all day so you can re-apply during the day.

For babies 6 months and younger, follow the directions on the package or keep them in the shade at all times. Wide-brim sunhats are also critical for babies.

get shade

When the sun is blaring (UV rays are strongest from 10am - 4pm), seek shade under an umbrella or a tree.

get a hat

Speaking of shade, hats are a must in the summertime sun. If your child is wearing a baseball cap, make sure their ears and neck are also protected with sunscreen. Opt for a hat that provides shade to the face, scalp, ears, and neck.

get sunglasses

Don’t forget sunglasses! Opt for shades that wrap around and block UVA and UVB rays.

cover up

Some long-sleeved tops, pants and skirts offer UV protection. Look into adding these to your kids’ gear for long, scorching days. Or for a full-day at the beach for example, cover up exposed skin with tightly woven pants and/or a top.


Be good, be safe!

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