Good Reads: 5 books about friendship

In honor of National Best Friends Day this June 8th, we rounded out some of our favorite children’s books that focus on friendship.

Although it’s important to show our friends kindness and gratitude every day of the year, it’s extra sweet to have a special day dedicated to celebrating our friends.

Enjoy these books and hug your friends!

the invisible boy

By Trudy Ludwig  (Author), Patrice Barton  (Illustrator)

Brian feels like “the invisible boy,” as he is never included in groups or games at school. But that all changes once there’s a new kid in the class, named Justin. Brian makes Justin feel welcome, and they eventually team up on a class project. And Brian is invisible no more! Buy now

peanut butter & cupcake

By Terry Border

This funny book is about a piece of bread with peanut butter on it, who feels lonely and sets out to find a friend. After he has no connection with Cupcake or Egg, Peanut Butter ends up finding his delicious soulmate -- of course! Buy now

how full is your bucket? for kids

By Tom Rath, Maurie J. Manning and Mary Reckmeyer (Illustrator)

We are huge fans of this book altogether, as it emphasizes the importance of empathy -- a key element in friendship. It introduces kids to the concept of an invisible bucket, which holds good thoughts and feelings. By encouraging children to fill others’ buckets, they are making people feel good. Buy now

leonardo the terrible monster

By Mo Willems

Leonardo is terrible at being a monster - he doesn’t scare anyone! So he finally finds the perfect shy boy to scare, named Sam. When Sam starts crying, he teaches Leonardo that it’s better to be a good friend than a bad monster. Buy now

the giving tree

By Shel Silverstein

This book is a classic! Some people claim that this one isn’t about friendship, because the little boy just takes and takes from his friend the tree, but we love the message of the unlikeliest of friendships. It has stood the test of time! Buy now

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