Joy Tastes Like a Popsicle

It’s June and if your house is anything like ours, we are jumping for joy that school is almost out and we can take in all of the goodness summer has to offer! 

Children naturally experience joys in the every day and teach us so many kinds of joy like spontaneity and living in the present. My kids recently begged us to put the bunk beds back together after they had been taken down for several years. We put them up over the weekend and you would have thought I just handed them two tickets to Disneyland! 

Being joyful is a way of being good and we’re celebrating and nurturing joy this month through the five senses starting with taste. So what does joy taste like to your little one? I asked a group of kids and some of the responses included: candy hearts, popsicles, yummy strawberries, “corn cobs” and burgers, apples, lollipops, and chocolate cake. Those all sound pretty joyful to me! Join us in nurturing joy through taste. When it’s 100+ degrees here in the desert, one of our family traditions is enjoying a popsicle while sitting on our front porch swing (enjoyed quickly). It’s one of most joyful and tasty ways we help stay cool!

Be good!

good eats

Download this sweet recipe for healthy orange dreamsicles created by our good friends at See Salt.

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In the market for a new popsicles mold? Here’s a curated list of some of our favorites.

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Visit our pinterest boards for inspiring popsicle recipes.

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