Stop and Smell the Joy

A scent has the power to instantly bring a smile to our face and put joy in our hearts. There are so many scents I love ….. the way the air smells after a good rain, spring in the desert when the orange blossoms are in bloom, a live Christmas tree, my mom’s kitchen when she’s making a favorite meal, and that unforgettable scent of a newborn baby…. the best!

Scent was a top priority when I began developing the be good formulas. In fact, the first compliment I hear from consumers consistently about the product is “I love the way it smells.” I wanted to create a scent that was soft, clean, and classic that was appropriate for the whole family. We call it delightfully delicate and the scent captures the sweetness and innocence of childhood perfectly. The smell of their sweet, clean little bodies as we snuggle in for a book after bath time brings me great joy.

This week ask your kids what scent brings them joy and better yet, take a moment to truly stop and “smell the roses.” Children naturally teach us about living in the present and the joy found in the moment. They are experts in this area and we have a lot to learn from them. There is so much joy to be found just by slowing down and paying attention to the miracles that surround you. So today, stop doing all those important things you feel have to get done and gather your little ones and just be. Enjoy them, right now. Smell their sweet little heads and be grateful for who they are and that you get to be with them. Set your timer if you have to and just take in the moment.

Be good!

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