Make a Joyful Sound

So what does joy sound like to you? For me, it’s my kids uncontrollable laughter during a tickle party, the voice of a loved one, my favorite playlist, my kids practicing piano, live baseball on the radio (reminds me so much of my childhood), a bustling coffee shop, splashing in the pool, the sound of waves crashing, and the birds that greet me every morning with their cheerful chirping here in the desert.

When I asked my kids this question, their responses were “your voice, mimi’s voice, the sound of the garbage truck, “It’s A Hard-Knock Life” from the Annie soundtrack, and “Happy” by Pharrell.

But the sound that is at the tippy top of my list is the sound of “I love you” without saying it first from my children when I lay down with them at night. It’s that unprompted “I love you mama” being whispered in the stillness of night that warms my heart like no other. This is not a nightly occurrence, and often times I wait for weeks, sometime months, to hear it but I did hear it last night and was reminded how much I love the sound of their tiny voices saying those sweet words.

good vibes

Summer is in full swing and nothing beats a summertime pool party. We’ve compiled a grown-up and kid-friendly compilation of some of our favorite summertime tunes for splashing. Listen now!



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